A Bit of Thrifty Party Planning 

Following on from my last post I thought I’d share a more practical blog and some tips on how to party without pressure…..

Making memories and keeping traditions are super important to us, and it doesn’t need to cost a lot to create an unforgettable birthday or celebrate and make an occasion special.

We have always wanted to create an atmosphere of honour and salutation in our home, and it’s helped each of my children know what it feels like to be celebrated, and learn the art of how to celebrate others.

‘We didn’t realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun’

Winnie the Pooh

With 30 kids parties under my belt here are my Thrifty-on & Pressure-off Partying DO’s & DON’Ts:

DO buy for each party something you can use at the next one.

DON’T make food the kids won’t eat – even if it looks pretty.

DO always make a cake. I am proud to say my friend Betty Crocker often helps me out.

DO only invite who you and your kids want at the party – think about who will make it fun.

DO ask parents to stay for under 4’s; over 4’s – ask them to go.

DON’T hide in the kitchen – be with your children and with their friends.

DON’T party alone, get a friend in the kitchen to help tidy up and make drinks.

DON’T ever underestimate the power of balloons and a bouncy castle.

DO stick to 1.5-2hours; anything longer and kids just get bored, unless you are the worlds greatest kids entertainer.

DO ditch the traditional party bag because most people ditch them the moment they get home. When I send something home I make it edible, useful or collectable.

DON’T go over budget – set a target and stick to it.

DO decide who the party is for; your 2 year old will not be losing sleep over the decor, but if there are lots of adults there, never miss an opportunity to set an awesome table.

DO plan parties in term time, it’s always tougher to get friends to come in school holidays.
Here’s my my all time favourites & that all cost under £30 with a Pinterest board to match.

Family Breakfast

Invite you favourites over, ask them to bring something, set a nice table, celebrate together.

 Party in the Park

What can beat a picnic in the park on a sunny day, where everyone brings a pack up and you bring the cake and the games.

Saturday Cinema Trip £2 Showing

My go to on many an occasion – most large cinemas offer £2 showings on Saturday mornings. Great for 5-8yrs old – you provide the snacks, the film provides the entertainment.

Spa Party

Turn your home into a beauty salon for the morning – cucumber eyes, facials, hand massages, hair do’s and nails, with a high tea at noon. Every little girls dream.

Colour Powder Party

You can buy Holi Powder online. Super cool party for older children. Ask the guests to come wearing white T shirts, and ask parents to come a little early to avoid 10 little people dusting colour all over your home.

Teddy Bears Picnic

Take every teddy you can and find a local wood or park or garden & hide them all. Meanwhile back at home have an uncle dress up in a hired bear suit, play bee and honey games and go on a good old fashioned bear hunt.

Football Party

Hire a local sports hall, get a whistle for everyone and some cheap footballs and enlist a few guys to run around crazy with the kids for an hour, drink water, eat packed lunch and go again.

Stand out parties for us have been the ones when we were most thoughtful, and that cost the least.

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