About Me


Hello! Welcome to The Mum Journey! The Mum Journey is a record of the eclectic things I find whilst trying my best to navigate the twisty turny job of parenting. It’s honest, candid, and super practical – & hopefully helpful!

The more I talk to people, the more I find they want to know “but HOW…?!”, “what do you DO when…?” and “is this NORMAL?!” and so The Mum Journey was born.

My name is Clare; I am wife to Matt, and Mum to three awesome humans – Judah, Sam & Gracie May. Matt & I lead the Pastoral Care Department at LIFE Church. I have also been a teacher, kids pastor, daycare manager & self employed childminder.

I am also a guest on the The Mum Show  an honest, grace-filled, soul-searching, light-hearted look at being a mum in today’s world.

Ultimately, I’m passionate about seeing people helped, set free & find their purpose; I love to be creative & I thrive on making things better than they were when I found them.

I have a wonderful, colourful & mixed life which requires constant juggling, balancing and learning! I’m excited to share my thoughts & findings with you as you join me on The Mum Journey.

Keep an eye on my social media for regular updates, crafty ideas & the family fun. Oh, & I’d love to hear from you too – you can contact me on the form above!

Much love, Clare x


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