‘Keeping Kids Safe’ Pt 1

AT SOME POINT, let's be honest, our small people will get lost in a big shops, wander off on beaches - even the thing they wander off to sometimes wanders off too - they forget to take keys & get wrong buses home.     THIS POST is checking if we & our kids are prepared … Continue reading ‘Keeping Kids Safe’ Pt 1

3 Ways to Avoid Parenting Under Pressure

Do you look at other parents through the highlight reel of social media - everyone's perfect day, perfect children, perfect meals - and think everyone else has got it all together? In truth, those of us behind the camera don't always feel we are getting it right. Overwhelmed with daily life, anxiety can kick in, … Continue reading 3 Ways to Avoid Parenting Under Pressure

Let’s Talk About Sex

Before you are ready, your kids are ready to talk about SEX! Talking about sex to children is not straightforward! Each child is different. All 3 of mine  became curious around 8. Sadly we never got the text-book 'I rocked explaining sex to my children' moment, but we did have a laugh trying... 1st time  … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Sex

We want our kids to be confident & here’s how to build it! 

Have I ever told you that my middle son was very shy? To be honest, I quite liked it. Whenever we would meet new people he would bury his head into me and whisper in my ear, BUT one day I felt a nudge, I had a choice - I could hold him close and … Continue reading We want our kids to be confident & here’s how to build it!