Seek Connection Not Perfection

OK, confession time: I am a not a perfectionist, I just like things to be done well ūüôā¬†I have to admit, at times I am a bossy mum; routines, order, manners, etiquette,¬† household rules and family culture I value highly, but in my experience, seeking connection and not driving for perfection is a healthier & … Continue reading Seek Connection Not Perfection

Want to know why we don’t love Halloween?¬†

Dare I say...we are not a huge fans of Halloween?! The 31st October has puzzled me at times - what to do for the best? I recall feeling fearful as a child at this time of year and even our own little ones didn't even like 'mascot bears', let alone the relentless door knocking on … Continue reading Want to know why we don’t love Halloween?¬†

How to survive church as a new mum!

A lot changed¬†entering parenthood. I experienced a surprising feeling of loss for things I had taken for granted. Even with a new baby, accepting the world went on without me was tricky. This independent woman was changed for ever. Mostly this brought joy - I¬†was ready for motherhood - but I wasn't ready for all … Continue reading How to survive church as a new mum!

I Survived The School Holidays!

There's something quite special about getting to the school holidays (if the dates work) & being home with the kids. I treasure how, by the end of the week, the kids seem more like mine again - sounding less like the pressures of the classroom and less like the person they have to be to … Continue reading I Survived The School Holidays!

A Bit of Thrifty Party Planning 

Following on from my last post I thought I'd share a more practical blog and some tips on how to party without pressure..... Making memories and keeping traditions are super important to us, and it doesn't need to cost a lot to create an unforgettable birthday or celebrate and make an occasion special. We have … Continue reading A Bit of Thrifty Party Planning¬†

3 Ways to Avoid Parenting Under Pressure

Do you look at other parents through the highlight reel of social media - everyone's perfect day, perfect children, perfect meals - and think everyone else has got it all together? In truth, those of us behind the camera don't always feel we are getting it right. Overwhelmed with daily life, anxiety can kick in, … Continue reading 3 Ways to Avoid Parenting Under Pressure